VagCheck in Partnership with Laurier HealthySkin (2020)

A branded collaboration between VICE Indonesia and Laurier as part of their HealthySkin campaign. VagCheck is a quiz show hosted by 11-year-old Cantika, where she tests three 20-somethings on how well their know their own bodies and menstrual health.


Director Ariane Anantaputri

Producer Nicholas Feliciano

Creative Lead Dini Lestari

Producing Showreel

Showreel of short films produced during the completion of BA (Hons) Film and Television at the University of the Arts London.

Girls Being Girls (2018)

A taster pilot for a webseries following the lives of two best friends navigating life in London, creative careers, and other existential crises.


Writers Ariane Anantaputri and Mariana Pires

Director Mariana Pires

Producer Ariane Anantaputri

Starring Mariana Pires, Tsion Tadesse, Stephanie Amata, and Ariane Anantaputri

Ilé (2018)

A short period piece set in 1950s London following a young Nigerian woman seeking freedom from her captor, a treasonous British government official.


Writer Stephanie Amata

Director Mariana Pires

Producer Ariane Anantaputri

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